I 💛💜💚Friday the 13th Part Three


Taken October Friday the 13th 2017–do I look insane? Does Ellen Degeneres look insane? I love you Gurl! Love that show of yours! Party on!

I Wish Christian Men Understood Pt 2

170 The Shattered Glass
September 19, 2013

I am not writing here. Rather, I am placing a dream my husband had night before last that he told me last night. I will only put a few interpretive details in parenthesis. But as I wrote, some other things broke forth so I chronicled what I saw as it happened below the dream. The reason this happened today is because it is one month to the day from when Curtis turns 51. That is a six so he is moving us into a new season as depicted in the dream. This is Husband Adam dreaming.

In the first scene, Curtis and others were in frozen water of a river (Texas). A helicopter (angel) came by and picked them up, and as Curtis was being air lifted he looked down and saw people still in the freezing river, and even under the water (dead). They were all looking up. This was in Asia.

In the second scene, Curtis was in a bathroom to get cleaned up after his ordeal. A man he didn’t see (the Holy Spirit or an angel) was there to help him. This man asked Curtis if he needed anything, and Curtis said he did because he was so dirty. The man gave him a golden liquid that smelled like honey (Revelation 10) to wash up. And then he told Curtis how this was only for a few of them and Curtis wasn’t going to need this “golden cleansing” (my words) much more. A woman walked in and Curtis was a bit embarrassed but got cleaned up.

In the third scene, Curtis was in a building. There was another building directly in front of the first one. It was close enough so that Curtis could see building details. In between the buildings was a demilitarized zone. (This is exactly how our houses on this property are set up with my parents’ house front facing Weir Loop and our house is directly behind it with a porch connecting the two houses. But this dream is speaking to all three levels of home, congregation, and ministerial life.) Curtis was with this little girl (the gatekeeper I am and a “young church” which I’ve dreamed about before having to do with books First, Second, and Third John) whose parents were in the other building. There was a glass window at the back of the building Curtis and the little girl were in, and the little girl had binoculars to look through the window (the binoculars were when my blinders were removed in around November of 2008). She could see her parents in the other building. The building Curtis and the little girl were in was South Korea, and the other building the parents were in was North Korea. (Curtis’s family has been interceding for Asia for quite some time, and this is evidenced by my second volume writing. This is a place of oppression unseen in the United States.) (Prophetess note: this third part is clearly in the flesh life fully, atomically so to speak, testified to the world in Jesus & His Golden Woods #3434 finished 4:36~4:44 PM Pt 1.)

Then, the little girl was trying to open the glass window but a man (angel) came into the demilitarized zone and was warning her. She wanted to open the window and call out to her parents. (This is all writing on my blog associated with gatekeeping, and I am crying a bit here because I have felt so separated from everyone.) All of a sudden, the glass window shattered and therefore the people on the other side began shooting away at the building and doing a lot of damage to it because they could finally see the little girl. (This again is the five years. The glass window shattering has to do with my first name which means “face” in Spanish. This glass window points to the glass in First Corinthians 13). Curtis and the little girl were unharmed, though. (This is not people; this is demonic work in the second heaven across the last five years particularly as I was raised up to testify).

<i>Gatekeeper perspective: I am of two ages; one of them is my natural age. The other age, as the young girl, I run concurrent with my sixth child, that one named by God in the night watches after Richard Wurmbrand: Alva Richard Coffey. I did prophesy at that time: his birth was as it should have been. It was a birth with very little pain, and quite alarmingly fast, too. It was a pre-curse birth, you see, and the digit sum patterns are 3/3/3 because he was born March 12, 2001. This comes directly against the anti-Christ of 666. </i>

<i>2 Corinthians 10:3-6: For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.</i>




I had to take a walk this morning just on Weir Loop because I had done some stretches and one of my organs on the right side slipped under my rib cage as I got up letting me know my rib cage is whopper jawed from scholiosis right now. Yup. We are crooked as hell in the USA right now. Thanks for that older American Christian. Thanks for that.



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