I Wish Christian Men Understood Pt 2

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393 I Wish Christian Men Understood
August 12, 2014

I have a small list of relevant biblical thoughts that I am going to put on my website for Christian adult males to consider. I do not speak in terms of doctrine or prophecy. I’m not even testifying here.

I am drinking a cup of coffee, though. So that’s how I’d like any person to read this blog article: drinking your favorite morning drink with me and discussing these points in thought.

I told Curtis what I’m about to write, and I asked him if it was wrong. He said it wasn’t as long as I’m not aiming to beat Christian men up. I have a father, husband, and three sons who love me so well because they love the Lord their God first, so why would I want to beat up Christian men? There are no reasons for me to do that. So if I have any element of stuck up pride in this blog article, I will ask you to forgive me.

On the other hand, I have had to forgive you oh Christian man. And I have had to do it any number of times. That includes all the five men I listed above. So there is the balance. Please read a good bit of my blog to understand how what I say is true; my testimony is full of repentance where I “helped” all the Christians in my midst to do it with me allegorically across a good bit of time. I don’t know why God had me do that for a space of time but it is finished so I can talk about some things now that I used to couldn’t talk about. I was too busy repenting and writing the painful testimony of it.

One last item: your Christian wife (or ex-wife I am sad to say) will not talk to you about this stuff for one simple fact: she has been taught to love you above the Lord her God, and she has been taught that either inside or outside of the Christian church. Let’s think about it for a moment: if the Christian “head” (male) doesn’t get principle and deep issues of difficulty surrounding the curse on men, Satan, and women, then how are unbelievers in Christ Jesus going to understand deeper issues about the curse? And men all over the globe whether Christian or not do not understand how wives are cursed with the rule of their husbands.

Depending on how long any female has lived within “Christian borders” in her life, she will be deeper set in her “Christian belief systems” which taught her to support her husband above anything else. And when I say that, I am saying that about the precious, timeless Word of God. Why do so many men and women discount the Bible? It is because their mothers didn’t understand how to help their husbands be truly humble men of God who know how to lead the Christian Church at all levels of male leadership to be within the bounds of the boundless sacrificial love of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. There is no way said Christian wife and mother could have helped her husband because her husband at all levels of Christian construct are misunderstanding the basic concepts I am about to outline below for Christian men to think about.

Can you trust me? That is up to you oh Christian male. But I fail to see why you have high expectations of trust upon me like you do to support your ministry and accept your teaching if you cannot really trust me on this blog. I’m a forty-one year in The Lord Christian who is, so to speak, pure as the driven snow. I’m not like the Apostle Paul because I didn’t kill Christians in my infancy or as an older Christian. And really, if you cannot submit yourself to me in a discussion as a Christian man of maturity for whatever your reason, then I would suggest you don’t discuss at all with other Christians because you will most assuredly do more harm than good. My website is like one big discussion/prayer/repentance tool of the non-existent Christian home front.

And you know what? You need to get honest with yourself. If you are a Christian male who is a husband or ever have been, you certainly have that expectation of supremacy toward a good many Christian grassroots people or you wouldn’t be expecting the support that you indeed do expect out there in the great wide world of the web. Just among the two ministerial men I’ve been forced to deal with, there have been pleas for financial help due to physical crisis and both websites have donate buttons. Yeah guys, thanks for that ministerial demoralization. Nobody knows what to do with a female ministerial leader on the web and that fact right there makes my points below all that more relevant. Even my sons think they get to teach me and I’ve had to discipline that tendency out of them without sinning in my female authority where their male authority is concerned.

Yes, oh men of God, I’ve read your book the Bible. Then I started over while repenting about how you led me to read your book the Bible. I challenge you to read the Bible my way. Yes, sir. I challenge you to read the Bible through female eyes for a while. You can get started by reading my website and looking at all the scriptures I point to through my testimonial eyes. It’ll hurt your mental capacities to do it, but I think it would be a good intellectual exercise. You may think differently about how you spend your time. But here is the deal about all of Christianity where UNM is concerned: I am testifying alongside the book of Revelation. There are many of us who know Jesus Christ may very well come in our lifetimes due to the times of this life worldwide that we can see in the book of Revelation with our eyes wide open. Look at the biblical record where females and testimony are concerned to fear God enough to slow down and read the free testimony of this modern day Mary Magdalene to understand what I am talking about.

1. On the sixth day, God did something quite strange: He waited a while before He created the female, and He took her out of the male to do it. Before that point, He let Adam realize his need for a mate; Adam got lonely doing his work of the ministry without a helper.

I don’t think Christian men realize there is nowhere in the Bible that a woman needs a man per se the way God created a man to need a woman. If a Christian woman chooses to marry you, it is you who need her and not the other way around. We may need physical protection because we are in a physically muscular sense always (and generally speaking) the weaker vessel, but that weakness in no way translates to mental, soul, or spiritual weakness compared to the male of the human species. God seems to me to have communicated just the opposite at creation, actually. And I don’t understand why Christian men don’t understand that.

2. Christian men can and do not have any idea what it is like to have Satan cursed with enmity with you. So please stop thinking we are mentally and spiritually weaker because we struggle with things you don’t think you struggle with. You struggle with it alright, and it’s your wife or mother or daughter or sister who may very well be taking satanic hits on your behalf. You simply don’t see it that way at all, and that is a crying shame worldwide. For how can we help the suffering masses if the Christian men don’t understand Satan’s work?

As an aside, please Christian adult male, go and read Second John. The mother in your midst has a responsibility to remove anti-Christ from her home doorstep. You are in no way tasked with that, and you again have no idea what that means.

3. As to teaching, I can get angry right here admittedly. And I will not apologize for it. At the moment, I think it best that all Christian pastors and ministerial leaders get your mouths off the women where the New Testament is concerned. You think you need to teach us in our private lives about things like modesty and submission? You are arrogant in your own way right there.

The Holy Spirit is all our Teacher and Comforter. You are not Jesus Christ or the Comforter Holy Spirit in any woman’s life. And you will say to me you know that. And I will say to you after what I’ve been through that no sir, you do not know that.

I will sit through your teaching at church, and I will appreciate it. But when will you learn from your sister in your community, oh brother in Christ? And when will you accept the fact that I am supposed to judge all of your teaching, doctrines, and etc, even at a home level with my husband as your sister in Christ who is learning from the Holy Spirit like you are?

4. I wish, oh how I wish, Christian husbands and fathers would learn at all levels of Christian construct what it means to “submit ye one to another” where their Christian sisters are concerned.

5. When the New Testament tells me to “submit to and obey my husband in all things”, I wish Christian men would admit they think they need to define for Christian wives what “all things” are. Curtis shouldn’t even determine that “all things” without my permission as the woman who decided to marry him and submit to him. That obedience and submission of the Christian wife is to God first so “all things” of obedience is something every Christian husband needs to fear God about and communicate with his wife about if said husband is going to fulfill the part of Ephesians five that tells him to love his wife with the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ the Lamb Who gave Himself for the entire world. Many men do not get that in Christian midst, and they are so busy making sure everyone is supporting them properly or they are so busy trying to intellectually figure out the Bible so they can “lead that wife and children most accurately”– like as if it’s a football game and the other Christian men are combatants and contestants in a huge male game of….Christian whatever. We Christian wives just watch from the sidelines right there and keep praying. I am just saying.

I love you guys oh brothers in Christ. I love you enough to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you this morning. I hope you have a great day in Christ. I hope you are comforted in the Holy Spirit, too.

If you are a Christian wife reading this, please pray with me. I’m trying to help your husband, and in a roundabout way you, to love the Lord your God first and to treat the New Testament like the life manual for the modern day that it is. If you are one of those wives who think your husband doesn’t need help, welcome to your world: idolatry.

As to American Christian wives, I don’t trust them. They are so busy being idolatrous toward their Christian husbands and lukewarm in their Christianity that when the likes of me showed up in their lives in Austin, Texas, they found very good reasons to distance me or be downright mean in their judgment of me. I would suggest to any Christian female who is hurting to stay away from the super-holy Christian women. Those women are in a desert chained by the Christian religion they were taught by their male counterpart of the Christian Church these days, and so these women don’t fear God enough to stand by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ and pick up their Sword of the Word to use it properly with their eyes wide open. Oh no, that is too “sinful”. It isn’t “submitted to the Christian men in all subjection and silence”. I am laughing to say, oh really? Come on super-holy Christian wife: you love your comfy Christian existence and you will do everything in your power (and in the wrong kinds of fear) to keep your exalted yet demoralized second class citizenship in Christ Jesus.

Lukewarm Christianity, anyone, according to Revelation chapter three?

Psalm 32

(Author Note: I suggest any reader not wade through the rest of this article if you are not interested in the prophetic details of prayer here. A lady thanked me for writing this first part. She is young and newly married. She had struggled with hating her womanhood as I have in her past so she appreciated my voicing the struggles she went through with Christian men in her midst. The rest of this article does not match the nuts and bolts context of this first piece from here on out. My apologies, but in October of 2014 I was headed for a face off with the two beasts of Revelation 13 and Lucifer so I was prophetically testifying and praying forward in August in preparation for that time which is written later on this website.)

The rest of this blog article was indeed allegory. I removed it January 23, 2015, and placed it within my private blog files. And then, by April 20, 2015, I had un-published most of this blog which was the prayer testimony I testified in the above paragraph. My reasons for doing so are within <a href=”http://www.uncoverednomore.com/node/529″>Going Home</a>. And as to my private blog files, they were deleted from off my Dropbox and are no more. If it isn’t on my blog, either published or un-published, it is no more in my testimony.

October 18, 2017: The Lord has judged that the testimony of Uncovered No More: the Untold Story is being placed on all my websites along with new writing as I see fit all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name, amen. It’s gonna take a while. After what you did to me, America, yes it is going to take a while but then again I have forevermore with HIM all glory to GOD so it’s fine.

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