The Age of Acts in Real Internet Life Part Three

I’m going to spare Curtis today one last time. Any questions Recie Edward Saunders III?

The Problem With Judgement Part One ☝️

Since everyone had issues with me who knows about me for nine years, King of kings is coming to call as Rock of Offense instead of King of kings from November 19, 2016 and beyond. You saw to me looking insane. In front of my children, you did this. You made sure my publisher went out of business. You ignored me privately thereby forcing me to look like a witch (Revelation 17) while I’m a queen (Revelation 12).

Back at you oh Christian who knows me. Acts in real life is now happening across all my blogs. You won’t get glorified body testimony. But you will get everything I can see with my eyes like the text conversation I just had with Curtis Edward Coffey.

Any questions? I will show you my last communication in that text conversation:

Saw Jesus today. Yay!

Remember…..Curtis doesn’t believe me. Here is the deal according to The Problem With Judgement Part One and Speaking in Riddles = Cara Beaty 💛s You! Part Two: He never did and only just got around to admitting it by Father’s Day 2017. I used to think John Paul Jacksons’s death was painfully the hardest time of my life. It wasn’t.

“All We Are We Are” by P!nk @ 1:31~1:33 PM Central from my interactive iPad song list today. 😘💛💚💜💙🌈
Margaret Elizabeth made this doll some years ago for younger siblings. I just found this dear doll and put it next to my CD player in our Master Bedroom downstairs to remember the love ❤️ of me and my dear children after I was betrayed for nine years by other Christians. Some of them know me in real life. Some of them don’t. None of them are 13 children I love so deeply there are no words (Revelation 8:1). And, I am cleaning today. The doll was stored upstairs but had been thrown aside in that living room. My gold gets used and thrown aside as does the gold of my 13 children. But I’m with P!nk today so it’s OK. I’m just cleaning today.
They all need to understand your only way out is repentance or second death. It is all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name. I don’t know who you are. So I’m truly free today because we all know GOD KNOWS.

Same interactive iPad song list at 2:26 PM today. Edith is 26. #bingoboom in Jesus Name amen. “Bad Bitch” by Bebe Rexha and “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

2:46 PM Central “The Ballad Of John & Yoko” by the Beatles on iPad interactive list. I keep having to say that because my iPhone has one begun two mornings ago as Robert Edward Coffey is my witness. But you damn well better stay away from my three youngest children unless you are there to bless and love on all 13 of them. You have no idea the pain in their lives. Diane Jackson, Cara Coffey, and Debbie Davis is hencefourth Whom you will talk to about anyone in our families. I decided before John Paul died that the one freaking thing I was going to do was give these three women our VOICE BACK.

You have that right Mahesh Chavda. I’m a bad bitch. Here is where John Paul and I may have differed: I will take your expectation, interpretation, or reaction and use it in love with you with lightning speed. I’m a Beaty. It’s not bad blood but it is in my blood to be who I really am 24/365/7 forevermore all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name. Christianity America turned me into a snake. Yes you did. Now you can live with it because it does not appear to me Jesus Christ has a problem with me. It is quite the other way around where a seven foot man named Justin is concerned. What I saw sideways in those precious Eyes were desperation and pain. That is how you get articles like He Is a FoREIGNer in His Own Earth, Part Three.

Released on Twitter by a little b4 3:00 AM on 9/30/2017 while Doug Addison was tweeting seconds before and Dr. Heidi Baker a minute or so after me. I tweeted and re-tweeted as I’m accustomed to doing @PrayingWithIAM these dayz. I told @dougtaddison in a comment: #divineappointmentsocialmedia though I am going back to sleep here in a few minutes. 😜🤣✌️

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