The Problem With Judgement Part One

Speaking in Riddles = Cara Beaty 💛s You! Part Two

To become from sleeping to either dead dead (second death) or dead alive (everlasting life) is a “GOD ALONE knows your heart ❤️ moment”. I never knew what you assumed I should do. Therefore, and as I reported to Bobby Conner and Mahesh Chavda in my own hand, there are four who may or may not be no more. I never knew and neither do you. But you never ever ever gave me the benefit of doubt’s trust. I trust angels and for the first time today; whether that be man or angel, he waved and said hi. I smiled and returned the favor.

They have higher authority, those angels. As to Jesus, the Earth is only His Footstool. Searching my room, peeping tomfoolery, messing with my phone, and pretending to not know what you planned all along while informing each other on the sly is what GOD ALONE KNOWS: your true heart. I suggest you think about the whole Bible now because when two of my children tell me what they did this week (one 13 yo and one  24 year old) I know you fucked all 13 of my children over. That is spiritual incest, child molestation, and slavery of a woman to Insanity in the spirit realms. Do you remember what Jesus said about gouging eyes out? We all know He was talking spiritually I suppose or I’d be around a boat~load of eyeless, real humans. Collusion is no different as to salt and light. Victims are never heard. I’ve been one and one of my children has been one.

#bingoboom in Jesus Name amen.

Nonetheless and even as I testified this morning in my own kitchen as Curtis Edward Coffey is my unified Revelation 11 Witness, but in another language of speaking in English so to speak: I have seen those four in Ephesians Chapter Six Righteously as well and most plentifully as human men not in glorified bodies and so…, so so, that is equally my heart Song b4 God Father in the Throne Room today. As an aside I dunno what they look like.

Who, you ask?

Glorified bodies of humans is who in Jesus Name amen and all glory to GOD.

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