L’ABRI by Edith Shaeffer


I am going to speak in plain English this morning, and that is a luxury which I have not had for going on ten years either in my private life or publicly as an author. I’m Just Sayin’ American Older Generations with Hard Hearts informs the world about something which I’ve testified in real life on this blog at Rivers International which I will not link into the article for the sake of the children in my midst whom are equally named on this blog in their first name with the exception of one child whose shoulders carry a weight I refuse to not define lest any man involved with my testimony will boast outside of the work of GOD in his life or lest the women suffering this moment world-wide as they continue faithfully suffering perish with their children that much more along the way.

That child is Robert Edward Coffey. I listed him unconsciously in the middle name which is what our whole family calls him. He is the only Edward with Edward Kenneth Beaty who made it in my entire life story spanning all the way to the HEART of I AM in Creation. The rest of them chose a broad path. I will not say that their broad path did not lead me to this place.

My testimony was denied by my family of adult status. In the case of the two Jackson children, my testimony was denied by my family of adult status. In the case of the Davis family of Mississippi, they have suffered so much I should have adopted the two parents but knew that they are living as I am: etched upon the Heart of GOD which is miraculous. It is all glory to GOD.

Edith Shaeffer and Cara Coffey are pretty much the same lady in some ways. What happens after WWII is pretty much the same for these two highly skilled, elect, women of GOD. The only difference between Edith and me is simply that I continue to see the LORD, and she was and still is even in the after life of heaven in heaven, a missionary outside of American borders with her family while I am a missionary inside American borders with my family.





Re-Parenting by my only Spirit Blood Brother left from past generations: Robert Mumford of LifeChangers. Thank You Jesus. For giving me a few faithful Holy Spirit Fathers to cover my shame. This includes Bobby Conner. I must hit Tribe Judah. They are all I have of humans, you see. 😭💛🙏🏻🌍🌍🌏

I was made able to hit delete upon a good bit of testimony to pave way for a few statements from the book L’ABRI in this article which are pictured above. 

For the rest of September of 2017, I’m simply going to enjoy reading the book and include a little more key art work. As it turns out, I am also going to read a book 📚 or a few by Francis Shaeffer. This family is a modern day Apostle John. It will be a privilege to spend some time with them.

As to the rest of it across my 51 year life, we cannot have what is in that book when Love has grown so cold Christians abdicate from their roles in congregations and devour the help meet for the husband; at the same time, when there is so much hidden anti-Christ happenings on a property or within a family that it gets the itinerate/resident prophetess into the kind of mess I continue to be in, only One Man solves it and His Name is Jesus Christ.

Frances and Esther Schaeffer had a good life and ministry. We can learn from it. However, as the reign of Jesus Christ bursts forth out of the heavens to the earth according to Revelation 21 and 22, there is a new learning process which produces new wine that is wholly not from the ministry of the two beasts of Revelation 13 alongside the false prophet and serpent dragon of Revelation 12.

Jesus is in charge. Hallelujah! But don’t expect our butterfly transformation to be less of a working out of salvation with fear and trembling as Christians than it should have been right after Eve and then Adam showed US Our True Heart toward I AM. 

I’ve got married family who stubbornly hide things like child molestation and wife beating. His name is Walter Coffey. I’ve got blood relatives and married relatives and Holy Spirit blood relatives who try to protect me and therefore hide stuff which I find out later. They should have told me to begin with. Obvious. Have it your way, people, and I’m moving on still in love with you. 

10/6/2017 I drank coffee right where my brother and I were tasked with a portal closing in 2017 all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name. Love knows passion this night. I remember love and he\she remembers me. It is enough isn’t it King of kings? 😘💚💛💜❤️


I have something honest and sad to share. Never have I had an American Christian Male of any age or race believe in the calling on my life; on our lives; as it pertains to Isaiah 2:2 or Revelation 19-22. I’ve never had anyone pray like Francis Shaeffer led his family to do, above. As to America, and the Christians, it’s always about figuring things out and expectations and obedience of law New Testament. So I went against it in 2008 and counting. And counting. And counting. This fact, with no exaggeration whatsoever, is blowing me away tonight (10/12/2017 @ Dripping Springs YMCA). American Christians don’t inherently believe in GOD. They are Agnostic at the Core. *shrug* Our God reigns and God bless America. 🤔🌈☕️🙏🏻🐉💝🏡🙂


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