Bobby Conner’s Conversation with GOD updated 10/9/2017

I took the feature image on my walk this morning and posted on Instagram. I’ve taken up walking with weights. May as well lift the temple of Revelation 21 up to the Throne Room first thing in the AM and tone my arms too while my scoliosis chronic, minor pain take a back seat that way yay God!

I can tell you this: that exercise with the sun shining on my face beats burning my mouth with too hot of tea like I did one time or another around here when Bobby Conner hit the city. 

I don’t personally get sunburned. I’m like Dad. We just get real dark due to that Comanche Indian blood. But honestly–you do NOT have to watch me around knives. Their just kidding. 💛💜💚💙❤️

Well I dunno if They actually talked about it but Those Three Guys with Holy Spirit did tell us to study, to the point of memorization, Psalm 27:1-14 tonight while we all camped out at the church building for a couple of hours. I even was privileged to meet his sons. That is, I was privileged to meet Bobby Conner’s sons.

I’m just saying, but I got sons of God here; sons of God there; sons of God everywhere and I have a question: as to population, it seems to me God Father that this ole world is full of sons and Angels. Why!?!?

Shaboopie Bobby Conner–that there verses 1-14 are the whole chapter. I’m complaining and whining right here. Girls are good at that. Anywhoo--I’m prolly not gonna commit to memory at the moment BUT I drew it on paper and will keep reading the beauty of the Word of GOD in Jesus Name amen. Thank you for making us laugh this evening.



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