The feature image was taken December 23, 2012.



There was this waking vision I had in 2015 when I was so desperately in love with my Beloved and they were hating me, yes, they were.  This vision waking was painfully so full of love that I scarce tell it. But I must indeed tell it.

Our Jesus stood on the stage of the one church my daddy and I went together into in Austin, Texas. Jesus was facing me and I didn’t even want to be there save His Eyes–they pierce to a place of passionate abandon. The Eyes have Him–the Soul of the Master. But I’ve never seen His Eyes; I simply know They are There, if that makes sense. Perhaps it doesn’t. I never do make sense.

So I stood there determined; embarrassed. I was determined that He wouldn’t do it for they must; yes, they must but they never did. They never did so He did it for them and that is that. He knelt and I was going to match Him but He wouldn’t allow that. His Hands have power, and Those Hands Held me up at the elbows, oh stupid, desperately wretched, me.

For you see, it is always this way as it is with Father and Him–He would have let me fall had I not determined to listen to His Voice in His Eyes. We must obey the Master no matter how painfully we’d rather not do it that way. Oh how free will beguiles the human soul and spirit, yes, this is not the way of the Master or the Brother Love Jesus Christ, no it isn’t. How could I have known that? I couldn’t have so He fixed it like He always does so faithfully and mercifully.

He knelt and asked me to forgive Him for this Synagogue of Satan treachery in my ministerial, congregational, and personal midst. There were witnesses in this vision of waking nightmares, yes there were. The congregation was full, I was a heartless wretch, and His beauty pained my human soul. It pains my soul still. They never did it.

How do you tell humanity your real truth? For here it is: 2/3 of the angels are my family, too. And you see, they know how to love with no guile. They are males whom are always, always, always brothers. You can trust them. I didn’t know that about angels vs. humans until I realized it. But I don’t know about when I realized it; I am blind, I am muted, I am within sounds of silence still. 

Humans are not so, my Beloved. Humans are not so. Sexuality, selfishness, expectations both given and received, and so many other things pass from human to human no matter the friend, the family. Jesus is always our Doorway of Love and the angels of His are so powerful in love there are no words, no words but two: thank you.

This dream is from the first two volumes of Uncovered No More because I had it when my tenth child Robert Edward was still a baby. That must have been in 2009.

“I had a dream that I shared in book one. In it, I was holding my baby Edward (Edward means “rich guard”) as I went into a home to go to the bathroom. I immediately went up the stairs to find another Edward who I know waiting to go into the bathroom on my right. I passed him as he smiled real big at me, and then I went into a bedroom to look out the window at a vision of the most beautiful cloud cover I have ever seen. I called my first-born son Patrick to come and see with me. I was viewing the clouds of the return of my Lord Jesus Christ in a new dawn of morning.”

The clouds in the feature image do not have the morning light in their reality but the pattern of clouds are the same as the clouds in my vision. Yes, a new dawning is here. No, it is not of the morning, this new dawning. It was wrought in hellish nightmares; in death’s sting; in bloody battle; and, I testified it for a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years. And Jesus asked me to forgive Him. (**smile, shake my head**, and simply be in love with us all and with the LORD first in Jesus Name, amen)



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