My Voice About Confederate Monuments

Keep in mind I don’t care what Christians think and that I could cuss out some really old, nice Christians today because I keep up with common Christian Rhetoric on FaceBook and Twitter and am literally/spiritually sick, and tired, of the yada yada yada of white supremacist wolves. Any questions?

I wish to GOD that that Wolf Spider on my bedroom closet white curtains last week was a few of these guys who think they know what they never stopped long enough to weep about. Keep your freaking opinions to yourself and let Jesus be Jesus. God bless America.

In a nut shell, it is my personal prophetic opinion that if you can afford to pay for some of the freaking things the federal government in the form of President Donald Trump is pulling like holding on to Bannon, then you sure as hell can tear down monuments and clean it up and put a city park there, where-ever it is, instead keeping up some stupid statue of Robert E. Lee that my kids will see bird poop on–to remind us how special these leaders are who knew how to kill African Americans or Indians or…or….or and do absolutely one hundred percent nothing more. Cut the damnable tree down and then dig out the root, Babes. That’s the Way, Truth, and Life in the United States of America.

Let’s be nice to the White Supremacy Crowd, our enemies, who are sweeping the death of people under America’s Red Carpet from the inception of this country until infinity and beyond. They are trying to put expectations on us right now. Oops. We cannot hear you, Baby People.

You don’t baby-sit murder any more than you tell Jesus that you are a nice person when you spend His time telling people we shouldn’t tear down monuments of hellish Synagogue of Satan infamy. He says something like I never knew you right there.

On the other hand, oh Loves of my Life everyone else not being this…….hellishly negative, stubborn, way in the world: let’s not burn the Confederate Flag. Let’s not give it even that much notice. Let’s just throw it away, dance in the SonShine, and go kiss a white supremacist at HEB by smiling and loving them like Jesus, okay? OK. Love you!

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