And If You See

More and more in my neighborhood or at a park if I’m walking alone, deer cross my path, squirrels are in trees right beside where I pass, and the male cardinal sweeps through. Not long ago, I had three hawks sing for me across my drain field and in the trees. When a person is being delivered of Ungodly FEAR Worldwide, animals will come to you and respect you as you respect them.

My daughters are this way: they care for animals naturally. I have a friend whose name is Miracle. She is highly gifted and her parents spun out in my testimony so I had to enact deliverance work from a distance where an in real life witch was involved and highly pure Christian women, with their husbands, were judging me. It always goes this way even in my own home. It is exhausting.

Nonetheless, this young woman has released beautiful video on FaceBook where she was able to pet a deer quite naturally in the woods where she lives now–at night. She had to remove herself from her father because he is having a hard time rejoicing in all things so he tends toward negativity in conversation and even concerning what he posts on FaceBook. I pray for this issue of all our lives.  

This type behavior crushes the truly, purely, wholly spiritual soul life of children like myself. We tend to hide our pure side when we are crushed so much we cannot take it anymore–or they commit suicide like Robert Paul Beaty my uncle who died just five days after my birthday in 2011. He built my house with my daddy. There are three of those golden houses in the surrounding Austin, Texas, area, and the Wiccan is my friend; my family. It is a mystery but I speak of Christ and the Church.

If you see a deer, a hawk, a bunny, a squirrel, a cardinal me

Gently coloring in your church buildings out of lime’s light


Though she says she left other churches as a person in darkness

She cannot bear to not be with eagles who soar free in the Light


Not to soar in worship with the multitude for this birdie free

Is not rest; it is not true; it is a masquerade very dark blue passed away


So don’t mind what she says as a prophetess red of gore gone by

Desperately not seeking what she already was allowed by His Blood


To have come to her in her place face to Face many times again

 He Who is everywhere; He is everywhere; so don’t expect your friend


Who is a hopeless case of love not grown cold to be what

The masquerade said she had to prove in expectation across nine years


Expect this little sister to see, and see, and see you fly free with me

No matter your place or mine; I know in Christ we are moving glee-free.

Publicly, I must set my face to do what the King of kings needs of me all glory to God, and that has been true for a 51 year, despicable me, life (laughing). But not going into churches on Sunday morning to worship with my people is like not going to bed at night to me: and sleeplessness is a form of torture I know about, oh yes I do.

A lot of highly gifted people must be very careful with sleep patterns due to the nature of what happens in a brain as a body is tasked with spirituality like what I am; what I continue to be. Otherwise, just to keep up with expectations of family, friend base, work structure, and life belief systems, we spin out and usually need medication. I cannot take medication very much.

Occasionally, these days after learning about myself, if the paranormal nature of my life gets too hectic then I will choose one night to take 1/3 of a Unisom pill to drop into deep sleep for a little while. There are consequences the next day and by the second day afterwards as the drug leaves my body, my mind burns a little bit. I hate the feeling just like an alcoholic hates the whole process of the sickness wracking the dear, lovely, body everyone around him or her misunderstands.

But I’m sleeping more naturally now with the aid of essential oils and herbs for sleep. This is a blessing from the Lord God when a person has the means by which to slow down and appreciate the healing process.


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