Calling Up

I drink coffee

You may drink tea

And don’t you love

That difference you & me?


I know this man of God

Who has Visions Free

And he saw one time

Eagles Woven Faithfully


So I’m with him

He’s with me three

But I can’t figure out

How to kill sting-bee


I just waltz along

Down an aisle here

Kiss his hand there

So Eagle 🦅 flies NO fear

Last December, the Lord told me to waltz up the center aisle at Austin Cathedral, grab Brother Mahesh’s hand, and kiss it. It was his right hand y’all. He said “Bless you” and I moved on. If there is one thing Brother Mahesh is a professional at, its UNDERSTATEMENT. 

If there is one thing Father God is the Professional at, it’s both UNDERSTATEMENT & OVER-THE-TOP LOVE STATEMENT. Go look up Psalm 74. God done pulled His Right Arm out again. That God; so Faithfully Father is He.

Brother Mahesh shared about a vision he had of so many Eagles packed into the sky, you couldn’t see the sky for the provision coming our way. Now Brother Mahesh, maybe one of these dayz you, me, Bonnie, and Curtis will do more than pass in the Night of Living and barely be able to speak with one another.

As my son Patrick told me just last week via FB Messaging, he prefers face to face conversations. I had simply shared how I don’t like talking on the phone. Neither does the God Head I am here to dryly, and accurately, admit. Angels don’t like everything to be media driven. John Paul Jackson doesn’t either. Weird? You got that right but here we go: PROMISE LAND in Jesus Name amen.

Now Brother Mahesh–as to that 🐫 camel moment you, Curtis, and Esther Grace had last year, I’d say a little picture goes a long way for you and Curtis: y’all had one discussion right before Curtis and I began dating in earnest(1988 or ’89 as my Grandmother Soledad Klonek also Catholic passed away at age 88) so I suppose you and Curtis led me up that Pentecostal aisle to kiss your lovely God Father Hand to right the wrong Revelation 2&3 in Jesus Name amen Christmas Season 2016.

Shew-wee! I’m ready to shower, fix up, and go worship with my beautiful people this morning. God bless America. 😍😜😇

We are a mess. Yay God. That’s the Way’s Truth and Life: right smack dab in the Middle Earth. (And for those who don’t know, Middle Earth is from “Lord of the Rings”). 

SimpliCity from Uncovered No More has a picture of the camel I’m talking about whom Essie petted. That Esther Grace: always where she is supposed to be. 😜💞

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