Dead While You Live #2213 finished 6/18/2017

This is Bobby Conner’s 22nd year for Shepherd’s Rods and my third child is that age. I have 13 children now according to the testimony of Stability in an Interim Time for UNM and Remnant vs. Elect. One detail I did not put in this recording is simply this: Justus Davis turned the same age as Mary Hannah but 2-3 days later, and I am friends with Jeremiah’s wife in the modern day on FB. That’s how I found out. Justus burned a piece of paper I had written names to pray for on after I left that heavenly door property in Mississippi one time. Justus is so lethal spiritually with his father and I there are no words for the terror in this article so I won’t write about it except to admit the truth. We must stay away from one another at this point–but if there is one family I wish to God I could have with me along with Jesus Christ in the flesh life and my own blood family of 13 people including my mother, it would be the Davis family of MS as it concerns heavenly doors.

It is obvious at this point that I know what I am talking about with the death testimony I have in Jesus Name, amen. Therefore, men and women Christian of the United States, I have this to say as we head into Father’s Day, 2017: you might better pay attention to two mothers in your midst. As I said about myself in the coloring page below, so I say about Mrs. Shane Davis in Jesus Name, amen.

Ecclesiastes 9:2-4 

All things come alike to all. There is one event to the righteous and to the wicked, to the good and to the clean and to the unclean; to him who sacrifices and to him who does not sacrifice. As is the good man, so is the sinner; and he who swears is as he who fears and shuns an oath.

This evil is in all that is done under the sun: one fate comes to all. Also the hearts of men are full of evil, and madness is in their hearts while they live, and after that they go to the dead.

[There is no exemption] but he who is joined to all the living has hope—for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

1 Timothy 5:5-7 

Now [a woman] who is a real widow and is left entirely alone and desolate has fixed her hope on God and perseveres in supplications and prayers night and day,

Whereas she who lives in pleasure and self-gratification [giving herself up to luxury and self-indulgence] is dead even while she [still] lives.

Charge [the people] thus, so that they may be without reproach and blameless.

I am a woman who clearly fears the Lord. Let me be honest. I have yet to see anyone praise me for anything I have done unto I AM as a prophetess in the office of it. Oh as a wife and Mom I get kudos. But as a prophetess? I’m laughing right there, oh Worldwide body of Christ, I’m laughing right there. It is all glory to God how I’m laughing. I’m not a bitter woman even after nine years of freaking living through hell on earth all glory to God.


I am going to finish this blog article with the tale of my thousand year reign testimony (for is not one thousand years 100 X 10) which has been being played out in this 51 year life. I’ve already lived the ten years very soon: August of 2007 was approximately when I conceived Robert Edward Coffey by the will of God and not man; Curtis and I were constrained by God in the births of some of our children. We are filled with joy at each conception and birth, each life, and that includes the two with God Father in the Throne Room because they went up before they saw any light of day. They call it miscarriage. I call it mercy of prayer before God. amen.

On June 10, 2017, I spent $133.65 at the Slaughter Lane HEB in Austin, TX. Five days later, on Alva Lewis Coffey’s birthday, I spent $67.66 for gifts for his son Curtis Edward Coffey. We also bought a few other things; is it not so we buy a few other things and God is pleased anyway? Locusts eat me away still since I am in debt financially. However, I trust in God Whom is our provider worldwide in this thing and in that other debt: humankind’s debt to humankind where God Father, God Son, and God Holy Spirit are concerned.

I think I was inaccurate to a degree in the recording above. Please forgive me. It isn’t that everyone associated with me is remnant; however, those of elect of various tribes other than Judah (Revelation 7) are Moses to me as men. That means God is taking them up in His Time and in all our times it is all glory to God. They may not see the promised land I see on the earth when they go up, but they will enter into the joy of their Master above and I am very happy and joyful for them. Yes, this is the truth no matter the present realities of opinions swirling around me personally about my last nine years right now. I forgive the opinions that are not the perception of the New Jerusalem all glory to God. I forgive the opinions that are of the New Jerusalem all glory to God. And in my meantime, I will continue to work out my salvation with fear and trembling while leaving the rest to God as I’ve always done. It is faith here, but it is not hope. My hope has been realized in real time on the earth in the first heaven: I have seen the LORD all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

Here is a sad truth about Moses: when he struck the rock for water out of impatience for the people’s complaining, he struck our Jesus, the Rock of Offense. And when you have done it to the least of these at a home, congregation, and ministerial level as it concerns Uncovered No More whom is the first transgressor Cara Coffey, it means you did the same thing to Jesus. These two actions across the tribulation of my life in the War of Armageddon called the Thousand Year Reign of ten years are one and the same; one and the same; I cry here because they are one and the same. I didn’t know that until today. Had I known it, had God willed that sight to this seer, then I would have warned you all, men of God, yes I would have. I tried and failed time and again; time and again. When I saw Justin on November 19, 2016, then the witness time of Revelation 11 in my life was complete but that didn’t mean that this ferocious testimony has faded away just yet. This is what I am removing myself from in this season right before the ten years are complete–the fading away according to 1 Corinthians 13. amen.

I’ve now unsealed Uncovered No More: Happy Father’s Day, Apostle Paul in Jesus Name, amen, and all glory to God. But the sealing I did was that I deleted a lot of work which happened across June of 2017 as I have done a multitude of times across almost eight years all glory to God.

You don’t keep up, as far as this prophetess is concerned, that which came to pass. You don’t keep writing that which is passing away. You don’t not take a pair of pruning shears to those beautiful roses. Yay God. And anyway, it’s a 6/18: 6-6-6-6. Ya’ll, I’ve seen that four six thing going on before. Weird? You got that right. Cara Coffey is weird.

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