My Black Brother Literally Prophesied


… Target after his white sister (me) hugged him because he was wearing a celebration of Black Lives t-shirt. It was beautiful. He is golden, gorgeous, and a grandpa who is willing to hug a crazy lady in Austin, Texas.

I mean….I’m the storm gal. It was lightning and raining–I mean ya’ll, big ole black clouds were rolling in from Weir Loop and God was talking in lightning as I was walking in and out of Target on Mopac’s service road. Hillarious. But when a Black Brother and White Sister prophesy–I was his witness Rev 11 & 12–you got that right: God’s in the House and the Black Brother fixes it right fast all glory to God.

Keep in mind Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda’s watch focus is Mexico this week. Seeing as how I’ve got Mexican in me, I’m wondering if that group over there called Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda don’t have a seriously funny sense of humor in May of 2017 while Bobby Conner “just happens” to be teaching in Houston, Texas where a bunch of my Klonek relatives live while Uncle Rudy in the form of another fella in Austin checked Curtis’s Costco ticket last night. He had to go back today and buy dog and cat food. We forgot it last night.

It’s a life called Cara Coffey. It’s probably got some bi-polar in there along with just normal but if you talk to Curtis on any day, you will not get that his gal Friday over here is normal. He just spends his time trying to normalizing me. See, that’s the real story. God needed some humor. So he created Austin, Texas, Curtis & Cara Coffey, and ten unruly kidz. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. So how does it feel to be the heavenly laughing stock? It’s better than hotter than hell testifying. That much I can tell you on this day of 2017 all glory to God.

What did he prophesy? New beginning for America. My black brother, with a ball cap on, six feet or more tall, and a beautiful Grandpa prophesied our new beginning. I just was the storm cloud over Austin. I didn’t need to water flowers anyway. Yay God. Have a nice weekend Syn of Satan. You comin’ with me, you need to humble yourselves and quit your stuff that is WRONG, and that is that. Cara said. (2 John, Jude, all of Revelation, Babes, all of Revelation).

Bethel in Redding, CA = Syn of Satan on

I Cannot in good Conscience….

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