Worshiping GOD by Dr RT Kendall

The feature image is a verse very near and dear to I AM: Revelation 22:1-4; behold, it is the Alpha Omega Face to face. Dr. Kendall’s Golden Worshiping God little book tells us the uppermost level of the open door (Revelation 1-4); it is that simple. Not that we don’t need other books; we do. Little books are always, always, always necessary eternally unto eternity. But I am saying this little book is most precious as is the Heart Love I AM’s Genesis 1:1 as it pertains to Holy Spirit’s Wonderful Creation Work past, before, after and through time as Alpha Omega’s Spirit Mystery. HE is THREE ONE amen.

As I began to read Worshipping God: Devoting Our Lives to His Glory by Dr. RT Kendall, I heard the Lord speak out of John chapter 14. I equally thoroughly enjoyed the first chapter of this excellent book this morning. Thank you Dr. Kendall.







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