The Jungle

My daughter, Esther Grace (#9 and 10 years old), is a prophetess and seer. She made this heart during a worship service at Cathedral of Praise in Austin, TX. As the seer on this heavenly door property in Austin, TX, I am becoming a member of one more church in the Protestant world. I go to Austin Oaks, Cathedral of Praise, and soon Life Austin. None of these pastors are “my pastor” though because Christians of leadership do not submit one to another with me though I have done so time and again. I forgive them. I love them. It is all glory to God.

This article was written in February or March of 2012. We have come a long way in a short space of time, and the jungle still is just that. I have learned in whatever state I am within as a prophetess, no matter the sin in the midst of the body of Christ that I see (Rev 2 & 3 church sin), to be content and love them as they love and accept me and my family, strange as we are. I no longer want to run like I testify in this article that I was struggling with in 2012. Thank You Jesus.

“Why do I have to stay in this jungle?”

This was the rather desperate cry of the little girl in the shopping cart whose parents had bought enough yard bushes and trees to make the front cart seat feel like a front row seat in a jungle.

I heard her ask this less than an hour after I had reminded Curtis, in the car driving into the Costco parking lot, of the jungle that is the body of Christ in the United States. In Uncovered No More: a white stone (volume 1), I described the prayers I have been and continue to write and pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ across this nation as something I saw like this: a very thick jungle that you cannot even step one foot in. It is time for a pruning, and I saw myself calling other Christians to the task of pruning with the Sword of the Word of God.

Jungles. They are beautiful. But underneath it is the mess. There is not much light that can come into some places in a jungle setting because of the overgrowth. We have overgrowth in this country in the body of Christ. We have PLENTY of overgrowth. Teaching. Doctrines. Books. CD’s. DVD’s. Ministries. Facebook pages. Websites. Blogs. Churches on every corner. And this list could get very, very long.

It is shocking to my senses. Please remember, I am the gal who just wrote a book admitting that I was almost driven insane while following the Lord in that jungle. My head still buzzes, and I can’t find any quiet.

I love them all. And I want to run. There does not seem to be any rest in the atmosphere of the body of Christ. There are wars, and rumors of wars. For every act of love and grace that I hear on K-Love, I equally witness and know of arrogance, fear, and all else which the war raging releases into our church construct that hurts  us all as brothers and sisters in Christ.

It doesn’t matter which denomination or non-denomination you belong to. It doesn’t matter if you’ve left Her. It just doesn’t matter because we are one with each other whether we run away or not. I almost ran away. I am about close to quitting. But God in His mercy to His daughter tells her to not grow weary, to not let her love grow cold, to humble herself in the sight of God and trust Him that His grace is ever sufficient in her life. Yes Lord, and please forgive me for whining.

But I think it is a good thing to understand who we are and where we are. I am sure God has the bride of Christ in many places doing many things. One of the places I am fairly certain in a prophetic sense that we are is in a season where we will begin to be pruned. There is much beauty in our midst, but it needs pruning through repentance and changed hearts softened yet again by the Master, the Clay Molder, our Lord God.

I don’t know about my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but I am undone. If He doesn’t change me then I won’t change. If He doesn’t fall on Us, then we are lost. Oh God, I cry for mercy. I fear that there may not be a body of Christ in the next forty or so years if we do not have a pruning. What of my ten children? Have mercy oh God I cry out and ask as a wife, a mother, and a Christian woman who watches and waits on the Lord. No, I will not run. I will wait. The wings of the eagles, they will lift Us up. This is my knowing of the steadfast love of the Lord. He is so faithful.

“Why do I have to stay in this jungle?”

Because it is a privilege to be with those who call themselves children of God. Because He is Lord of Us All, and He is showing Himself mighty. And honestly? I wouldn’t miss it for the world though sometimes I faint in the battles. To be away from God’s people would likely hurt worse. Abandon the bride of Christ? No, for She is lovely to behold, and I will trim my lamp and wait for the Bridegroom.

Author perspective: by the time of Curtis and my 25th wedding anniversary in February of 2014, our family had been removed from the body of Christ in the spirit and as according to the Church of Ephesus according to Revelation 2. It was painful, but I have great peace and know God is here too. We prayed and do still.

August 7, 2016: Curtis and I are going back to church this year. He is going to one church down the street and I’m going to a church where my parents and I went before I married Curtis. It is a complicated thing for us to go to church now because I am an ultra-charismatic with about 1-2 of my highly gifted children, some of my kids are adults and have nothing to do with Christianity at the congregation level and rightfully so, and Curtis is a non-denominational something or other who has been a Christian for 33 years while I’ve been one for 43 years. Jungles? Yes, oh yes, we know about those, about deserts, about mountainous ministerial situations, and about everything else in between around here at Uncovered No More in Austin, Texas. God is everywhere. 

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