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Cara Tribe Judah is saying: Get It. Listen. Learn. Be set free in Christ Jesus all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen. I’m posting notes of a two part series within the Chavda Ministries App under the Section The Watch TV. @CoffeyCara1 Periscope “The Other Side” To be crystal clear, I didn’t watch... Continue Reading →

A Job & Job Part Three

Jesus Possible Part Two The feature image is a picture I snapped this early morning at the top of the big hill after taking Richard to work by 6 AM and then spending some social media time at GraceLand over a cup of coffee. This is where the mountain heavenly door opening of New Hampshire... Continue Reading →

All Things New 13 & 15

Periscope by @CoffeyCara1 on Black Friday 2017 Jesus Cara Beaty, Age 14 Michael Shane Davis + 2 John Paul Jackson + 3 Lydia Joy, Esther Grace, Robert Edward Coffey Patrick Clayton Beaty Patrick, Alva, & Eara Beaty-Coffey These 15 will bring forth what needs bringing forth as it concerns Uncovered No More and Streams Ministries... Continue Reading →

Sans Blind Leading Blind

I know who you are Those of my generation Who took it too far 1 So that simply meant When brass tacks fell Your Time was spent 3 And as to judging In nine year cases There ain’t no fudging 5 I never could know What you possibly fought Why’s Austin no snow? 6 When... Continue Reading →

Passing Solidly

How do you testify to them the grim, beautiful reality of passing away--how we never knew the love of King enough to have perceived--without interpretation and with interpretation--the passing away which makes so much sense in GOD that it is the definition of Insanity? This is the question in my early morning. This is the... Continue Reading →

Every Joint Supplies

I know something today. I’ve known this something for a very long, short time in a 51 year frame. I see it in the first heaven so much more, and so little most, than I did on April 14, 1966, and until today and tomorrow forever when a mother took 45 minutes to have this... Continue Reading →

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