We Danced, Satan, Part 22

The Eagle & The Hawk by John Denver To Satan, I have this to sing with Rihanna: "Jump" (wicked, witch-laugh) How many more fucks, Man of Hell? Let's let Jesus decide, shall we? I love you ArchAngel Satan, remember? Smile now. I'm about to read it to you in hell. Shit. This is going to be... Continue Reading →

Times Three edit #4400

            After my walk, Ed and I will pick up this trash. At the moment, I am eating eggs and avocado at 9:54 AM and listening to my record player playing, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" from an old Pops Varieties record set made through Readers Digest. I paid... Continue Reading →

The Protestant Church is Dead 1906-2018

Please view my YouTube Video. Please look at Cara's Video Testimony Page at Uncovered No More. Wow Dad & John Paul, that was a trip. Aren't ya'll glad we can settle down and dwell with Jesus in Austin, Texas, now? You don't mess with me, Texas. I will put you out of business, Protestant Church. I... Continue Reading →

I Have This to Say About Baptists

The only way you are going to get rid of the scourge of hypocritical christian existence in the United States of America as it concerns all Baptist societies, communities, churches, organizations, etc, is to get up, Woman of God called Mother according to Second John. Get to exposing the back-side of all those men who... Continue Reading →

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